Mini B Pill-Shaped Bluetooth LED Dancing Speaker

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Item # S015-y28s

Either you've got rhythm or you don't. This LED Light Show Bluetooth Speaker has it big time and isn't afraid to show it off with more than simple toe tapping (even if it had toes). Instead, as soon as you pair it with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone and the tunes start rolling it'll put on a dancing light show to the beat! You can also connect it to non-Bluetooth players via a 3.5mm auxiliary input and it comes in your choice of colors. Keep it charged up and tagging along with you and take pride in the fact your Bluetooth speaker can move to the music.

Want to know more?
Bluetooth v3.0
50' wireless operating range
Compatible with nearly all Bluetooth-enabled music player devices
3.5mm auxiliary input for connection of non-Bluetooth devices
LED lights move to the beat of your music

Packaged in Box: 5" x 3" x 3".

Great for Crane, Key Master, Pile Up/Stacker, Road Trip, Winner's Cube or any Merchandiser or Redemption!

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  • Model: S015-y28s

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